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Need Jewelry Making Inspiration? Do the Jewelry Scramble!

If you’re a jewelry designer, you know the importance of keeping your jewelry line fresh and up-to-date with unique jewelry designs that are consistent with your overall theme.

But, we all have days where new ideas and inspiration don’t come to us easily. What about these days where we become stuck and need fresh jewelry design inspiration and ideas?

I want to share with you an idea that works for me and has allowed me to come up with more creative ideas for jewelry designs. I call it the “jewelry scramble”.

Here’s how to do the scramble:

1. Gather together all the beads, charms, and components you normally use in your jewelry making so you have easy access to them.

2. Put on some soft, new age music to relax you and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Relaxation is important for getting maximum benefits from the jewelry scramble. It doesn’t work as well if you feel rushed, anxious, or under time pressure.

3. Spread a large piece of dark velvet onto the floor to serve as a backdrop for displaying the results of the jewelry scramble.

4. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and dip your hand randomly into your bead and component containers. Grab a few beads here and a few beads there and place them on the velvet background.

5. Once your beads and components are on your background. Close your eyes again and mix them up thoroughly.

6. With your eyes still closed, pick up beads and components three and four at a time randomly from your bead mix. Line them up along the border of your velvet backdrop in well delineated groups.

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7. You should now have groups of three and four random beads and components laid out in a row.

8. Now open your eyes and look at your bead groupings with fresh eyes.

9. Which bead groups are the most interesting? Which ones catch your eye? Do you see any unusual color combinations you wouldn’t have thought of combining?

10. Choose the most interesting combinations and package them into individual plastic baggies so you can work them into a design at a later date.

11. Keep doing the jewelry scramble until you have at least ten unique combinations that have the potential for being converted into new jewelry designs.

12. Put your individual plastic baggies with your bead combinations away for 24 hours. This gives your mind a chance to subconsciously process your new bead and component combinations.

13. After 24 hours, take your bead combinations out of their plastic baggies and start working on new designs using these components. If some of the combinations don’t appeal to you after your 24 hour waiting period, eliminate them and work with the ones that still hold your interest.

Did you come up with any new jewelry design ideas using your scrambled jewelry components?

Some of my best new jewelry designs have resulted from this creative exercise. Give it a try and see if you can add something fresh and original to your jewelry design offerings!