Jewelry Marketing – Why Not Sponsor a Jewelry Making Workshop?

If you’re looking for a way to earn even more money from your handmade jewelry business, you might want to consider teaching jewelry making workshops in your area. In our area, these workshops are quite in demand with the popularity of beading and jewelry making. Plus, it’s a great way to get free publicity for you and your jewelry designs.

The best way to get started in the business of teaching jewelry making, is to find wholesale and low cost sources for the supplies you’ll need for teaching. I would suggest making a beginner’s jewelry making kit you can sell at each of your classes.

Always have some extra kits available as some people will want to buy an additional one to take home. Your beginning kit might include headpins, clasps, ear hooks, clasps, beads, pliers, and a bead board, depending on the project you plan to make.

Once you’ve designed your project and have your kits ready, it’s time to find a location to host your jewelry making workshop. I would contact community centers, churches, schools, local clubs, your local libraries, and even your local bead store to see if they have space you can use to host a class. Offer to pay them a percentage of the fees you collect from the class attendees.

You can also encourage them to advertise your classes to their members. You can further promote your classes by advertisements placed on your website, flyers on community bulletin boards, newspaper classifieds, and community newspapers.

tool kits making bridal jewelry

How much should you charge for your workshops?

For a class that lasts from one to two hours, I would charge somewhere in the range of $20.00 plus the cost of the jewelry making kit. If you get ten people to sign up, you’ll have an extra $200.00 in our pocket less the fees you pay to use the class space. Plus, you’ll have some profit on your jewelry making kits.

In addition, you’ll have a chance to publicize your own jewelry making business. Be sure to wear samples of some of your creations and have photos and brochures of your designs laying available for attendees to look at.

Be sure to take a book with you to have each attendee write down their email address so you can market future workshops to them as well as send them updates on your own jewelry designs.

Other variations on this theme include offering a jewelry making camp for children, make your own jewelry workshops for brides to be, bachelorette jewelry making parties, and jewelry making birthday parties. I’m sure if you use your imagination, you can come up with lots more!