How to Get Out of a Jewelry Design Rut and Recharge Your Creative Talents!

Are you in a jewelry design rut?

Have you been making and selling the same jewelry designs for so long that you’ve become bored with what you do? You may be in a jewelry design rut! This is never a good situation to be in as it can reduce your enthusiasm for what you do and cause you to lower your productivity.

Plus, if you’re bored with your designs, chance are your customers will be able to detect that and be less enthusiastic about purchasing from you. Maybe it’s time to rekindle the spark that led you to design jewelry in the first place. Here are some tips for getting out of a jewelry design rut:

1. Take a break.

This is the first step towards breaking the cycle of boredom with jewelry making. Sometimes you need to step away from your design business to get a fresh perspective. Take a few days off to just relax and enjoy the wonders of nature.Take a short trip out of town or indulge in a day at a local health spa. Sometimes this is enough to help you clear your mind and rekindle your jewelry design enthusiasm.

2. Clean up your jewelry design clutter.

If you’re trying to design in a work area that’s full of clutter, you’re going to stifle your creative ability. Nothing blocks creative ideas more than disorganization. Take a day off to organize and arrange your jewelry designs components and tools so you can find what you need quickly and easily. You’ll be surprised at how much easier the ideas and enthusiasm flow when you’re in a clutter free environment. If you n eed help organizing your jewelry design area, read this article.

3. Make your jewelry design area more peaceful.

Make your jewelry design area a more pleasant and relaxing place to create. Add a few tabletop water fountains to give you some pleasant background noise or pipe in some peaceful, new age music. It’s been shown that classic and new age music can actually stimulate creativity and promote positive thoughts. Add some beautiful artwork to the walls of your studio. Use the power of smell to motivate you with the aid of an aromatherapy diffuser. Make your jewelry design studio a welcome retreat from the rest of the world and you’ll have more enthusiasm for the process of jewelry design.

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4. Take time to read books and magazines for new thoughts and ideas.

Subscribe to the latest jewelry making and bead magazines including Ornament magazine, Lapidary Journal, Bead and Button Magazine, Bead Style Magazine, Art Jewelry Magazine, Bella Armoire Magazine, and Metalsmith Magazine. Spend a few hours each week flipping through these magazines while relaxing with a cup of coffee. This is a great way to recharge your creative batteries. Cut out photos of inspiring jewelry designs and make a collage to display in your studio.

5. Form a support group with other jewelry designers.

Locate other jewelry designers in your area through craft shows and other outlets. Set up a monthly meeting where you can air your jewelry design victories and frustrations. It can be quite therapeutic to voice your feelings with a group of like minded jewelry designers that understand your experiences. This is also a good way to set up joint ventures for marketing your jewelry designs as a team.

6. Read about the history of jewelry designs.

Transport yourself back in time to when jewelry was designed with simple, primitive tools. Study photos of the jewelry and design techniques of primitive cultures. This can give you a new perspective and fresh enthusiasm for your own jewelry design efforts.

By giving these ideas a try, you can reignite your enthusiasm for jewelry design and approach your craft form a whole new perspective!