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How to Add Value to Your Handmade Jewelry Designs!

In the overcrowded jewelry marketplace, it’s increasingly important to find ways to differentiate your jewelry designs from those of other jewelry makers and from mass market jewelry we see┬áso abundantly in department stores.

One way to differentiate your designs and add value to your jewelry is to give your jewelry pieces a title and a story. When you view a piece of artwork at a museum, you’ll notice the paintings have titles and a synopsis on what motivated the artist to create that particular work of art. How many times have you looked at a painting and not had a positive reaction until you read the title and the synopsis?

Somehow understanding the artist’s motivation and what he or she was trying to convey gives meaning and character to an otherwise unimpressive painting. You now see it in a completely different light!

The same can be true for a jewelry design. A necklace may be just a piece of jewelry until it becomes a necklace entitled, “Sea Whispers” and a short synopsis discussing how the interplay of shells and stones creates a mood reminiscent of a trip to the shoreline. Do you think your prospective customer will look at your necklace the same way after reading the title and synopsis? I’ll bet the necklace now has new appeal to her and has touched her on an emotional level and don’t we usually buy on the basis of emotion?

The other advantage to naming and describing your jewelry designs is it tends to increase their value in the customer’s mind. Remember those paintings in the museum? You customer now subconsciously associates your jewelry with the priceless art she sees in museums because you’ve taken the time to display it that way. She sees your jewelry as being artistic and one-of-a-kind. I’ll bet she’s willing to pay more for your jewelry than she will for jewelry she buys in a department store!

Next time you exhibit at a jewelry or craft show, why not include a little fold over card in front of each individual jewelry design with an interesting title and short description of each piece. Make sure your display is consistent with your artistic theme. Avoid overcrowding your display area with jewelry and stay away from the temptation to make your booth too cluttered.

Give each piece of jewelry a presence. Also, make sure your pricing is consistent with your artistic theme A customer expects to pay more for truly artistic jewelry designs. Don’t confuse her by underpricing your jewelry.

Give this idea a try and see if it’ll work for your own jewelry business. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from other jewelry designers!