More Ways to Get Creative With Jewelry Design Ideas

One thing I’ve learned through many years of designing jewelry is you can find jewelry design ideas almost anywhere. It’s just a question of learning to open your eyes and really see what surrounds you.

Do you walk outdoors for exercise? This is a perfect time to study nature and see what she has to offer in the way of jewelry design ideas. You can find inspiration in the leaves and nuts that you find lying on the ground or in the shape of a particular plant. One of my favorite jewelry designs came from finding a small acorn. I had the rough top of the acorn cast in silver and used it as a bead cap.

Other sources of jewelry design ideas are magazines, books, television shows (see what newscasters and celebrities are wearing). How can you alter an existing design a celebrity is wearing to make it more interesting?

Try gathering together a selection of jewelry components and beads, close your eyes, and randomly place them next to one another. Open your eyes.

Does anything inspire you?

Think of a particular person in your own life or an actress on television. Close your eyes and imagine what custom jewelry piece you would make for them that would express their individuality.

jewelry making ideas

Think of a beautiful word or phrase and try to translate it into a piece of jewelry. For example, design a piece of jewelry around the word “enchantment”. I’ll be you can come up with something stunning for that one.

Check out other jewelry design pages or pinboards of latest jewelry trends. For example, this webpage describes some of the latest ring designs that are made to resemble natural flowers.

Make the environment around you conducive to creativity by sitting next to a large window and playing classical music. Surround yourself with art objects that you love from all time periods Think of your design room as your refuge from the rest of the world where you can freely express your ideas.

Take classes to learn techniques for expressing your creativity. If you don’t know how to do a particular jewelry technique, you can’t put your inner vision into practice.

Visit museums, preferably alone, so you can immerse your mind in the experience. Get jewelry design ideas from arts and craft festivals and from street artists. Stretch your mind and design talents by making collages. This is a great way to remove barriers to creativity.

The point is there are sources of jewelry design ideas all around you. Learn to really SEE these sources and open your mind to them. You’ll be rewarded with more jewelry design inspiration than you ever thought possible.