Silver Clay – An Intro

Traditionally, silver for jewellery has been made by cutting, shaping, filing and soldering sheet or wire silver, or by casting (melting and pouring( silver bullion or scrap silver. Now, there’s a radical new mouldable silver material available to goldsmiths*, called silver clay. (Brands include PMC, short for ‘precious metal clay’, and Art Clay.) Silver clay […]

Getting Started With Precious Metal Clay

After having my first child and quitting my job, I decided to fulfill one of my dreams and start making jewelry for myself and friends. I honed in on Precious Metal Clay, but I was confused about supplies that I absolutely needed and supplies that could wait until a project demanded it. And after talking […]

Welcome to Jewelry Making HQ!

My name is Karen! This is a website to help budding jewelry makers find information on jewelry making¬†tips and is a place where I share insights to running my own online jewelry business. First of all, I want to share some of my personal experiences of starting up a new business¬†and I hope it can […]